Another Amazing review from a happy customer !

5.0 out of 5 starsThe best safe for handguns!
ByThe Rockon.
I have spent many months researching handgun safes, but I finally settled on The Titan safe for many reasons:

First, it works with a Simplex lock that is mechanical and highly stable. I wanted something that I could rely on 100% of the time and the only safes that meet this criteria are purely mechanical safes so that eliminates all biometric safes, anything that uses a battery and quite frankly most of the safes on the market.

Second, I can open the safe and have the gun in my hand ready to shoot within 3 seconds due to the unique design. The safe has a holster which the gun sits in. As you open the door the holster comes out and presents the gun to you. There is no faster safe that I am aware of. When seconds count in say a home defense situation, the extra money you pay for this safe is well worth it as it could save your life someday.

Third, I had a tough time trying to figure out the best place to mount some of the other guns safes that I was looking at(such as Fort Knox) which would be accessible to me and not accessible to my young children. I think the Titan Safe has the most flexibility in terms of mounting.

Fourth, I have the option of having a mounting bracket inside my car (meets California guidelines with Ammo Box) and moving the safe from my home to my car without having to purchase two safes.

Fifth, the safe comes with a universal holster that will accept a full sized handgun, revolver and even guns with lasers and tactical lights. The holster very easily moves up and down as well as side to side making it fully customizable to your needs. I was able to move the holster in less than 5 minutes because it was hitting the rear sights of my gun once in a while when I opened it.

Lastly, this is a quality product. It is a nice looking safe that is rock solid. As I was doing my research I called the company and had the opportunity to speak with the inventor of the safe. The conversations that I had with him really made my decision easier and I encourage anyone thinking about purchasing the Titan safe to give the company a call. This is a great product that is simple to use and simple to install. You can’t go wrong with the Titan safe!

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