Guns in Schools, Why its necessary

Critics have strong, passionate arguments that guns have no place in an educational setting. Their rebuttals are emotionally charged and driven by their moral belief systems. Some of their concerns are fear-based, that too many guns and bullets would be flying across classroom halls causing injury or fatalities. Some who lobby for responsible gun control have had the unfortunate experience of being a victim of gun violence.

Yes, it is true, guns in the wrong hands can harm or end a life. Likewise, in the right hands, they can protect and save lives. The challenge is in identifying and distinguishing between those individuals.

Defining responsible gun ownership is paramount. With such freedom comes great responsibility. Our society has put blind trust in the individual who purchases a firearm. The result is a lack of trust toward gun owners. This is where legislation has an important role.

As we address the gaps regarding gun ownership — education, certification, registration, and background checks — to the point where the public has faith that those with guns are going to act responsibly, then the fear that they will use firearms improperly will diminish.

Addressing mental health is complicated. We are no more able to control guns than we can rein in the dysfunction of the human mind. The first step in addressing mental illness is by identifying factors in our society that perpetuate instability in an already fragile individual. Educators should be utilized as a great resource in addressing this critical mental health piece known as social and emotional literacy.

Statistics show that schools are the No. 1 target for random shooters. As difficult as it is, the time has come to fully explore armed staff on school grounds. Parents hold teachers accountable for nurturing positive outcomes in their children, especially a safe environment.

Preventing a teacher from the ability to carry a concealed weapon magnifies the vulnerability of themselves and the children in their care. We must ask ourselves how our current or developing legislation is going to save our students and faculty from harm.

Until we find realistic ways to protect our classrooms all we can do is duck and pray. I ask you: Is that the best we can do for our children and their educators?

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