The FBI has released data in regards to violent crime in 2018. The US has been on a downward trend as far as violent crime goes, since 2016. Yet, more people are buying guns. It is the responsible gun owners that we applaud, that are buying guns in the case of an emergency. According to the report, there was a decrease in nearly EVERY type of violent crime.

In looking at a 10-year trend, violent crimes are down nearly 10% from 2009 through 2018, truly wonderful. in 2018, homicides with firearms are down 7% since 2017. Furthermore, only 2% of crimes committed were with riffles, as opposed to 11% using knives.


The gun death rate in the US is much higher than in most other nations, particularly developed nations. But it is still far below the rates in several Latin American nations, according to a study by researchers at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

The US gun death rate was 10.6% per 100,000 in 2016. That was far higher than in countries such as Canada (2.1 per 100,000) and Australia (1.0), as well as European nations such as France (2.7), Germany (0.9) and Spain (0.6). But the rate in the U.S. was much lower than in El Salvador (39.2 per 100,000 people), Venezuela (38.7), Guatemala (32.3), Colombia (25.9) and Honduras (22.5), the study found. Overall, the US ranked 20th in its gun fatality rate.

We can still do better. If you are a responsible gun owner, please keep your gun locked away very safely. Of course, we recommend the Titan Pistol Vault if you own a handgun for self-protection. You will abide by the laws and keep your gun safe from strangers and children.

Always stay safe and stay positive.

The Titan Vault Team.