Flashy New Electronics vs. Tried and True Mechanical Systems

We are seeing many new gun safes with many fancy features. Text messages to alert you when the safe is touched or opened, text to open, biometric fingerprint readers, voice commands. All of these fancy new features have their own problems.

The first problem with these safes is that a lot of them emit bright lights and loud noises. The last thing you want to do is alert an intruder to your location and the location of your safe. Let alone let them know that you have a gun at all.

The next problem is that they all either take batteries or must be charged. The issue with batteries and charging is that they fail. The last thing you want when reaching for your gun in the case of emergency and realizing that your unit is not charged to open or that the batteries have died.

Biometrics are unreliable as well, we have seen people try multiple times to open a safe with their programmed fingerprint only to have it fail multiple times and then lock them out. This happens due to sweat as well. You may not be able to get in when you are sweating or shaking which are common in emergency situations. The last thing you need is to not be able to access your safe because of these failures.

Text alerts will be unreliable, what if your phone is off? What if the battery is not charged? What if you are in a meeting? A movie? On an airplane? The What If’s are endless.

With an all mechanical safe, like the tried and true Titan Pistol Vault…none of these issues will be a concern. The all-mechanical safe will open when you need it to – every single time. All we ask is that you practice your code and opening it until it becomes muscle memory. It’s like riding a bike. Simple. That is exactly what you and your family will need at moments when it really counts.

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