Gun Sales and Gun Permit Applications Continue to SkyRocket

With the ongoing pandemic and continuing riots, it makes sense that more people want to become gun owners. As police are occupied with protests and looting, many citizens feel that they must take personal protection into their own hands, and rightfully so! The growing unrest does not seem to be going away soon.

We witnessed a surge in gun sales back in March due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and then the social unrest in June that followed George Floyd’s killing. It is now nearing mid-August and we continue to experience fear and paranoia in communities across America.

Of course, an increase in gun sales has led to an increase in gun permit applications. The NYPD has seen a 90% increase in gun permit applications; a reflection of nationwide trends. Most of the permits that will be issued will allow a weapon to be kept in a person’s home.

Proper firearm storage is essential to prevent accidental shootings or theft of your weapon. The Titan Vault was made for maximum security and ease of accessibility. It can be mounted under a desk, bed, to a wall, and many other possible applications! Additionally, in states where firearm transportation laws are applicable, you can keep your firearm in your vehicle and readily accessible.

The presence of so many guns in the hands of Americans warrants a discussion of public policy and safety! It will be interesting to see how firearm laws evolve during this time.

Do your part as a responsible gun owner and keep your firearms safe and secure!

-The Titan Vault Team

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