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Children find guns fascinating. Keeping guns forbidden and mysterious only increases their allure. Let your kids handle your guns with your permission and under your supervision. Show them how to check whether the chamber and magazine are empty. Let them point the gun in a safe direction. Teach them now that the only time they are ever to touch a trigger is when they want the gun to go off.

The more often you take your children shooting, the more practiced they’ll become in handling guns safely. At the range, insist that muzzles point up, down, or downrange—always. Keep control of the ammunition yourself, and dole out shells one at a time. Kids will be scrupulously careful about muzzle control until they fire a shot. In the excitement of hearing the gun go off, they will turn to you, swinging the gun, or drop it down so it points at their toes. If the gun is empty, it’s a teachable moment, not a potential tragedy. Insist on eye and ear protection, and emphasize its importance by always wearing it yourself.

You’re trying to instill lifelong safety habits, and nothing you say speaks as loudly as your own actions when you and your child hunt together. Handle your own guns with extra emphasis on safety. While we’re at it, boats, ATVs, tree stands, and motor vehicles can be just as deadly as guns if used carelessly.

You’re trying to instill lifelong safety habits, and nothing you say speaks as loudly as your own actions when you and your child hunt together. Handle your own guns with extra emphasis on safety. While we’re at it, boats, ATVs, tree stands, and motor vehicles can be just as deadly as guns if used carelessly. Your young hunter will learn all about them by watching you

Gun violence has a devastating impact on American children and teenagers. Over 2,700 children and teens (ages 0-19) are shot and killed and nearly 14,500 are shot and injured every year – that’s an average of 47 American children and teens shot every day.1 And the effects of gun violence extend far beyond those struck by a bullet: gun violence shapes the lives of the millions of children who witness it, know someone who was shot, or live in fear of the next shooting.

A gun is a dangerous weapon to keep at home which is why one must exert caution when using it or storing it at home. If your gun falls into the wrong hands, it could be detrimental to you and your family.

A lot of people get a gun license so that they can defend themselves and their loved ones in the case of an attack but a lot of times this plan backfires because the gun is not kept in a secure location.

This is why people often install gun safes at their home so that they can keep their gun protected and can enjoy a peaceful and sound sleep every night. However, buying a gun safe has both pros and cons which every gun owner should know about before purchasing it.



In honor of National Suicide Prevention Week ,

Here are some great safety tips on keeping your firearms and everyone in your family safe.

Safe-storage. Here is a hopeful fact: among firearm-owning households, those that store their firearms safely have a 60 percent lower suicide rate. This reduction arises because members of the household (such as adolescents) who are not authorized to use the firearms, can no longer easily access them. It also seems that some impulsive handgun suicides are averted by the simple need to take a few minutes to perform several precise manual actions to unlock, load, and use the firearm. This gives the individual time to reflect upon his or her actions. If just a quarter of households kept their guns from a suicidal person, it is estimated that 3600 to 3900 American lives would be saved in one year.
What constitutes “safe storage”? Simply hiding the weapon is not good enough. The firearm should be stored and locked away.

It is a common misconception , even among some healthcare professionals ,that if a gun is locked away in a safe, an individual in crisis will “find another way.” But this is not the case; if a person’s preferred method of suicide is not available, most do not substitute another method. Even when they do, other methods are less fatal. In short, the option of having your firearm locked away and not avaiable increases the chances of survival.
A gun makes an impulsive, irreversible choice far too easy. Limiting access to guns during fleeting, high-risk moments can save lives

5.0 out of 5 starsThe best safe for handguns!
ByThe Rockon.
I have spent many months researching handgun safes, but I finally settled on The Titan safe for many reasons:

First, it works with a Simplex lock that is mechanical and highly stable. I wanted something that I could rely on 100% of the time and the only safes that meet this criteria are purely mechanical safes so that eliminates all biometric safes, anything that uses a battery and quite frankly most of the safes on the market.

Second, I can open the safe and have the gun in my hand ready to shoot within 3 seconds due to the unique design. The safe has a holster which the gun sits in. As you open the door the holster comes out and presents the gun to you. There is no faster safe that I am aware of. When seconds count in say a home defense situation, the extra money you pay for this safe is well worth it as it could save your life someday.

Third, I had a tough time trying to figure out the best place to mount some of the other guns safes that I was looking at(such as Fort Knox) which would be accessible to me and not accessible to my young children. I think the Titan Safe has the most flexibility in terms of mounting.

Fourth, I have the option of having a mounting bracket inside my car (meets California guidelines with Ammo Box) and moving the safe from my home to my car without having to purchase two safes.

Fifth, the safe comes with a universal holster that will accept a full sized handgun, revolver and even guns with lasers and tactical lights. The holster very easily moves up and down as well as side to side making it fully customizable to your needs. I was able to move the holster in less than 5 minutes because it was hitting the rear sights of my gun once in a while when I opened it.

Lastly, this is a quality product. It is a nice looking safe that is rock solid. As I was doing my research I called the company and had the opportunity to speak with the inventor of the safe. The conversations that I had with him really made my decision easier and I encourage anyone thinking about purchasing the Titan safe to give the company a call. This is a great product that is simple to use and simple to install. You can’t go wrong with the Titan safe!

Top 3 Reasons you need a gun safe

If you thought that a gun safe is only meant to keep your firearms safe to prevent theft or accidents in your home, you’re wrong. A gun safe is specially designed to do a lot more than that. There are very important reasons as to why you should spend your money buying one of these bulky and heavily secured safes.

Read on to find 3 good reasons as to why you should buy a gun safe. You’ll be shocked to discover some crucial reasons for buying a gun safe that you never thought really mattered.

1.To Protect Your Firearms From Theft
Gun safes that are equipped with advanced security features such as multiple lockers and double steel doors make them impenetrable to criminals. You’ve probably heard of cases where burglars steal firearms from homes and use them in criminal activities.

Furthermore, guns are valuable items and of course, you cannot risk losing your hard earned cash. Some guns are even of sentimental value and you surely can’t afford losing them to some ruthless thieves.

2.If you go through the statistics, you’ll find out that thousands of children are killed each year because of poorly stored firearms. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your kids’ safety by prohibiting them from accessing your firearms at home. This is where the gun safe comes in handy.

When you buy a gun safe, you practically eliminate the chances of accidental firings, preventing unintentional killings or injuries. In other words, they are child-proof.

3.To Have Quick Access To Your Firearms
If you possess a gun to protect your home from intruders, then you know how important quick access to the gun is.

Most gun safes have locks that can easily be opened in split seconds. Furthermore, if you’ve been keeping your firearms in different storage cases with different locks, you might not have quick access to them as you’ll be required to use a key each time.

Check out our Titan Security products for the best Gun safes around!!!

Intro to review: I have purchased one of those “place finger here and hold until the safe opens” gun safes. In my opinion, they’re good for times when you’re sleepy and/or panicky and there’s an emergency. I know if I’m ever awakened by an intruder, I will be shaking like a leaf and there’s no way I’m working a key. So a fingerprint scanner is ideal. The main problem I have with those is the fact they rely on electronics. I know, they are VERY reliable, but I want 100% reliability in cases like this. I also want 100% “keep my kids OUT of it” as well, and I keep hearing about how your fingerprint COULD potentially stay on the scanner, and just pushing the button could open it. (Tip:always swipe down to smudge your print) Also, the one I purchased was such a poor design, it would open without me even using my fingerprint or having an old print on there, about 8 times out of 20!! So I immediately sent it back and vowed to not use those again. I’m sure there are some great ones, but they’re not my cup o tea.

None of that has anything to do with this product, but prefaces why I like this design. It is all mechanical; no batteries to replace, nothing to plug in or charge! It is a time-tested design that is very reliable. It is fast to open (I can open mine in less than two seconds in total darkness with either hand, and that’s being careful and taking my time). When it’s locked, it stays locked, keeping my kids out.

This particular model can be mounted under a bed, under a drawer, side of a cabinet, or left loose to be portable. I left mine portable so I could carry it in the car if needed. When the door opens, it presents the firearm, making it easy to grab.

You can adjust it for different sized firearms, and you can even adjust it so that the door stays open when you swing it up, and to close it, you lift up on the firearm after placing it inside, to release the latch. (Careful, the door swings down at that point! Watch your hand!) I added a small nut and bolt in the holster to hold my 9mm Sig P239 better. The holster is designed to accommodate larger firearms, so I “pinched” it together a bit with an additional bolt, which vastly improved it. Also, I moved the swing arm to present my pistol out further when the door is opened. That part, as well as modifying it to stay open, is documented in the instructions. The additional bolt was my idea.

I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone with kids, and is concerned about biometric safes’ downsides, and wants something fast and reliable. If you get one, practice opening it at night, when you’re sleepy, in total darkness, with one hand, then the other. It’s easy to mess up when you are panicking, but muscle memory is your ally

First Time Gun Buyer Guide 

At some point, many people decide to purchase a firearm for home and personal protection. It might happen when you turn 21. It might cross your mind long after retirement when you realize you’re not as spry as you once were. It may be once you have a child and understand that you’re responsible for the baby’s safety. Perhaps it will be after your job transfers you to a rough neighborhood.

No matter when you decide to become a first-time gun buyer, it’s important to know the fundamentals and have a plan in place. A firearm comes with many strings attached. Here are important tips and suggestions for first-time handgun buyers.

Choosing Your First Gun

Personal firearms can range from the smallest pocket pistols and handguns to shotguns, rifles, and even cannons. Determine when and how you would use the firearm to help narrow down your field of options and keep common sense in mind. Do you plan to keep it in your home safe or use it as a weapon to carry on your person?

Guns for Home Defense

For home defense, a shotgun may be the best option. Choices include semi-automatic, pump style, or even single shot, all with both long and shorter-barreled options for the guns. You can mount lights or laser pointers (or both) on shotguns and they are reliable, effective, and fairly easy to use. They also come in several ammunition sizes. You can even get a pistol styled shotgun in the .410-gauge size. For first-time gun buyers, a small rifle or handgun would be a good alternative.

It’s important to properly store your home defense gun to keep it out of the hands of potential thieves and small children. A gun safe is the best option for securing your shotgun. Choose a gun safe that is fire rated and, if possible, includes anti-drill protection and pry-prevention.

Handguns for Personal Carry

When carrying your firearm, you have the option for open or concealed carry. Typically, open carry is not as common as concealed carry so it’s important to know the options you have in your state. Depending on how you want to carry your gun, along with the way you dress and even your physical size, certain factors may help determine what kind of firearm to get. Generally, a firearm that you will carry as a self-defense weapon is going to be a pistol or handgun.

Which Pistol and What Ammo? 

A revolver offers simple and reliable use with a trade-off for the number of rounds you can carry. A semi-auto provides more bullets in the gun but includes more working parts and a greater chance of having a malfunction (a jam) that would require additional knowledge and skill.

Most people will never need a firearm for self-protection. Chances are that if someone ever does, a five or six round revolver would be sufficient. However, if you have the option and ability to have 30 rounds immediately available in a gunfight as opposed to six, most people would choose the larger number.

Caliber is the next question that would need to be answered. I generally suggest the best size is the largest caliber you can get for the type of pistol you want, the recoil that you’re comfortable with, and the physical resistance of the weapon’s internal

Personal Firearm Fundamentals

Gun Training

No one is born with the knowledge and skills of a good marksman. Whether you use a bazooka or a midnight special, you must be successfully trained and educated in gun usage and safety. Chances are the local police department or the store where you purchase the firearm will be able to recommend a certified gun safety course. Most gun clubs and ranges offer several levels of gun safety courses.

Firearm Responsibility

Owning a firearm, especially for the purposes of self-defense, requires some serious responsibility. For first-time gun buyers and seasoned veterans, you need responsible training so that you can safely and effectively operate the firearm under any circumstances. You are responsible for the safe gun Vaults  and maintenance of the firearm.

You must also determine if you are emotionally responsible enough to use the firearm in a violent encounter with a criminal who is threatening your life or the life of someone you are protecting. While you may never really know the answer to that question until it happens, training and self-evaluation will arm you with the skills you need to stay safe.



-By Sirak Peralta

Some trying to comply with California’s latest gun control mandates were left scratching their heads after the state’s website bogged down approaching the deadline.

Required to register guns newly classified as “assault weapons” by June 30 due to a change in state law concerning bullet buttons and homemade firearms, many instead found themselves shut out of the online process. In acknowledging the problems with the California Firearms Application Reporting System, which requires users to submit a number of photographs of their firearm as well as their own personal information, officials simply said the system was “experiencing a high volume of users,” and recommended steps for gun owners to troubleshoot their own computer equipment. However, the problem may go deeper than the last minute surge in use.

Jay Jacobson, who has been trying to register some of his personal rifles since April, told a Bay Area CBS affiliate that he has had one of his builds rejected by DOJ at least three times.

“Everybody that’s doing this is doing so to comply, they have a willingness to follow the law. And yet they’re making it as difficult as possible,” said Jacobson.

Others, details the report, have been busy modifying guns to make them “featureless” and thus not considered an assault weapon under California law. As detailed by another reportfrom ABC30, one Fresno area shop saw lots of demand for sub-caliber kits that convert their ARs to shoot .22LR.

Both Gun Owners of California and the California Rifle and Pistol Association issued alerts and reference guides on options available to those impacted by the registration with the latter holding a series of webinars on how to legally avoid the process by modifying builds and the legal ramifications of building a “ghost gun” in the state.

In reaction to the news that CFARS was rife with issues in the lead-up to Saturday’s deadline, both the Firearms Policy Coalition and CRPA warned those experiencing problems of their rights and are actively seeking information from those who found the process inaccessible.

“Given the serious problems currently facing CFARS, if you intend to register, it is recommended that you maintain detailed records of your registration attempts, including screenshots, pictures, or videos, indicating the date and time of your attempts,” noted the National Rifle Association’s state affiliate.

– by 

Owning a gun, learning to shoot it effectively, maintaining gun responsibility, and spending time at the range can be incredibly rewarding.

You’ve purchased your new firearm, taken the required safety classes, and you’re ready to work your way through a bevy of advanced training courses that will make you an even more confident shooter. Even if you’re not learning the newest tactical moves or advanced shooting methods, spending time at the range and working on your marksmanship skills can be fun, freeing, and even good for your health. There are benefits of gun ownership that include boosting your physical and mental well-being while having a blast at the same time.
Owning a gun is an exercise in being present and accountable – there is no room for a “mental vacation.” This means you must consider where your weapon is stored, how it is locked up, who has access to it, how you must transport it, where you’ll store the ammunition, what type of local permit or license must you maintain, and about a dozen other important considerations. You’ll join a proud group of gun owners who, in some small way, carry themselves just a bit taller as supporters of national liberty and security.

A responsible and committed gun owner will take the time to learn the physicality of the sport. From working on fine motor skills to focusing on eye-hand coordination, the physical disciplines learned through the shooting sport increases a person’s learning capacity and can provide a positive outlet for activity.

Shooting can be a scary idea to someone who has never fired a gun before, which is why it is so important to make sure their first experience is one that is fun and encouraging – an experience like you’d find at a top-tier gun range. Once you’ve spent time at the range, you’ll find that learning to shoot and completing progressively more advanced firearms training courses will boost your own confidence.

Shooting a gun is always an exhilarating experience, but it somehow blends adrenaline-boosting, high-octane fun, with a sense of calm and focus that must be felt to be understood. Shooting can and does release adrenaline in your system, which then triggers your liver to break down and utilize glycogen – and that fuels the muscles in your body. At the same time, the physical and mental discipline required when shooting in a mindful way creates a sense of calm that can offset even the most stressful of days.

Gun owners today, men and women alike, take pride in owning a firearm and do not take this responsibility lightly. Owning a gun today is not just about protection, but can be enjoyed for recreational shooting such as hunting and competing. Just because your firearm can be used for recreational use doesn’t mean that you should skip the proper steps of safety. Be sure to educate yourself through safety courses and workshops to better prepare for the life as a gun owner. Purchasing a firearm can also be an investment for all who own a gun, and can show huge benefits for the future. As a gun owner, don’t forget to take pride in this great responsibility!

Owning and learning to effectively shoot your gun could save your life or the lives of others someday. Let’s hope that never becomes a reality – but in the meantime, enjoy the positive benefits of gun ownership and see how owning and shooting your gun can make a real and lasting impact on your overall sense of well-being.

-By Range 702