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Basic Gun Safety Rules

If you own a gun or are planning to purchase a gun, you may already know that in California, firearm education and safety hold paramount importance. You should attend different programs and training courses on safe firearm handling and storage. Whether you’re a first-time gun owner looking for firearm safety in your home, or a veteran gun owner who just wants to brush up their firearm handling skills, Titan Vault is here to help. Explore California’s fundamental gun safety rules to keep your family and friends from firearm accidents.

Assume Every Gun is Loaded

No matter how experienced you are, don't reach out to a gun and pick it up, without knowing how to use it and whether it’s loaded or not. Before you pick up a gun, you should ensure that it will not fire when picked up.


When you’re holding or carrying a gun, you should always be alert and familiar with everything that’s happening around you. The most important gun safety rule is to keep it pointed in a safe direction, no matter what. Whether your gun is loaded or not, you should always ensure that it's not pointing in the wrong direction.

Gun Holding

When holding a gun, you should always rest your trigger finger alongside the frame, and off the trigger. Always put it outside the trigger guard, if you want to reduce the risk of accidental discharge.  Only touch the trigger when you need to shoot and are ready to fire.

Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is the key to safe gun handling. Always stay alert and mindful of what’s around, and where your firearm is pointing. When holding a gun, you need to know who or what’s your target, you can see it clearly, your vision isn’t blocked by an object and your target lies within your range. Don’t shoot at sounds, movement, or color unless you see your target.

Safe Storage

All firearms should be stored in a safe place that’s inaccessible for the children. Keep your guns in high-quality gun safes and store firearm and ammunition separately.


Premium Gun Safes and Accessories at Cost-Effective Prices

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If you purchase a gun in California, you shouldn’t forget that the firearm safety laws in California are quite strict and a little negligence on your part, can lead to negative consequences. To protect yourself from false allegations and criminal charges, you need to be careful about your gun’s storage and accessibility. Don’t pay negligence the quality of a gun safe. It should be DOJ Approved gun safes and the manufacturer should be able to provide you its Lifetime Warranty.

At Titan Vault, we have years of experience in the industry. Feel free to reach out to our team for more information on the quality of our gun safes.

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