Your safe is DOJ Approved safe for storage and transportation of your firearm, Its also Compliant with TSA regulations. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is your safe fire rated?

We do not have a UL fire rating, nor does any company making a quick access handgun safe. The intent is to prevent unauthorized access to a firearm yet fast and easy access to the owner of the firearm.

  1. Do pushbutton locks have a key backup? 

No! Backup key locks for small pistol safes are designed to override an electronic lock during the loss of power situation. However, a backup key lock jeopardizes the security of the safe as it allows anyone who finds the key entry to the safe even when the electronic lock is working. The Simplex® push button mechanical lock (no batteries) has a tried and true reputation as the industry leader in push-button locks for over 30 years. Additionally, the new knob and built-in clutch also prevents forced entry. It will open for you day or night, hot or cold, every time you enter your secret code. (No code + no bypass = no entry = True Security)

  1. How do I get into my safe if I have forgotten my combination?

There is no special override combination or secret manipulation of the buttons or knob that will give anyone access to your safe.  Write your combination down and keep it hidden, not inside the safe. For access to your safe without the combination, you have four choices: 

(1)  Cut it open with a torch, although this is not recommended. Contact us first.

(2)  Hire a reputable locksmith. Make sure the locksmith has knowledge of the Simplex® pushbutton lock.

(3)  Random entry of possible combinations, Ensure you are turning the knob clockwise to open your safe after entering your code. Counter clockwise turn of the knob will clear the chambers or call us.

(4)  If the safe is empty and not bolted down, you can arrange to return to us for lock replacement; our warranty does not cover forgotten access codes and as such, there is a charge associated with lock replacement.

4.Can I carry a loaded handgun in my car if the gun is in a safe?

In most states, this is not legal. If your state has gun laws that prohibit the transportation of loaded handguns in vehicles, the use of our safe will not exempt you from those laws. In many states, including California, handguns are required to be unloaded in an approved locked container with the ammunition secured separately when transported in a vehicle. Our Titan Pistol Vault & Ammo Box does just that. Regardless it is very important to know the gun transportation laws in your local city, county, and state. These laws can and do vary greatly. If you travel from state to state, a good source for current state gun laws is the National Rifle Association's web site www.nra.org.

  1. Concern with the safe being childproof

Your Safe was tested and approved by the California Department of Justice as a firearm safety device.

Some of the test, requirements include a 250-lb Safe door pull test, a 120 strokes hacksaw with a load of 10 pounds, a Lock manipulation, a Drop test, and an Impact test. This unit far exceeds these requirements.  




  1. What about moisture getting inside my safe?

Although this device is for indoor use, the black powder coat finish is weather and moisture resistant.

  1. Can I weld on my safe?

No, welding will void your warranty; it weakens the heat-treated steel.

  1. Can I drill holes in the safe if the factory holes will not work for my application?

No, the two universal mounting brackets will allow you to install the Titan Pistol Vault in every conceivable application.

We have added holes in the base for this purpose.

  1. Where is the best location for my safe?

Close at hand. Think about convenience and accessibility. Think stealth, as a well-hidden safe adds to its security. The people that are going to use the safe are important when deciding on a location. Furthermore, time of day may be a factor as well as the days of the week. Are you alone during the weekends? Is your home full of people on the weekends? Many people have found that two locations will give better security in large spread out homes and homes with more than one level (two stories). Two guns in separate locations are better than two guns in the same safe, during a situation when you need to defend yourself and family. Remember, you are the only one that can gain access to your safe(s).

The intruder cannot gain access to the handgun at your location.

  1. Entry areas where you first come into your home such as a garage, the front door entryway, back and side entries to the mudroom. Ask yourself these questions. Will you be bringing a handgun home with you and want to lock it up as soon as you enter your home? Will you want access to your handgun when you first come home? (Did someone follow you home? Is there already someone uninvited in your home when you arrive?) Your main concern should be for the safety of the members of your household. Your handgun should be in your possession or locked up. There is no in-between!
  2. Home office areas, especially if you work late at night.
  3. Dense, family, and grand rooms can be good and bad locations for your safe. You may spend most of your waking hours in these central areas but so do your family and friends.
  4. The master bedroom is by far the most popular and practical room for storage and quick access to a handgun. The master bedroom is a secure room as it is usually off-limits to other members of the family unless invited and it has a phone to call for help. Furthermore, the universal bed mount will allow you to place your safe on your bed frame where you can reach while you are laying down.

Securely mounting your safe and hiding its location is highly recommended.

  1. What is a good combination to set my safes to lock to? 

Changing your safe combination from the factory setting is highly recommended. Always write down a new setting, and do not lock your instructions inside the safe. You can choose from one to five buttons and each button can only be pushed once, multiple buttons can be pushed together. We do not recommend setting the combination to less than three buttons.

  1. What happens if my safe is attacked, can I still get in? 

Your safe is built with 14GA harden steel and is designed to withstand attacks by hammers, screwdrivers, pry bars, drills, kicking, picking devices and being run over by a truck. It takes industrial type steel cutting tools or an acetylene torch to cut open our safe. If your safe is attacked and the knob, buttons, and faceplate are damaged; you can still gain access with little problem. Instructions on how to gain access to your safe after it has been attacked will not come with your safe. With proper warranty identification, we can help you over the phone. You still must know your combination to gain entry.

12.Is it all right to leave my gun loaded inside the safe?

This is your personal decision and one that comes with your responsibility as a gun owner.  For safety purposes, we recommend that your gun is not loaded. If you are not sure how to keep your gun, ready and safe for you to handle, ask someone with experience. We recommend training and practicing with your handgun.

13.How many guns can I place in my safe?

One handgun per safe and it is our philosophy that it takes one reliable weapon to defend you against an intruder. However, for increased security, you may install Titan Pistol Vault in various locations, ready for quick and immediate access. Do not store other items with your weapon as it hinders its operation. You can add the Titan Ammo Box for storage of extra magazines or a flashlight.

  1. Do the buttons light up at night?

No, the buttons do not light up. They are raised and spaced out to make their operation in the dark or without visual contact very easy. After 2 or 3 times of practice, you will be surprised at how fast you can open it without eye contact. In less than 3 seconds you will be ready and armed.

  1. Should I bolt my safe down to something? 

Most people do, we highly recommend it. The safe standing unattached will keep children out and deny access to the handgun at your location.  Do not lose your property to a punk burglar! Consider the replacement cost of your gun and the laws that govern handguns and your responsibility. We have provided two mounting brackets for your Safe to be secured to a permanent location. In addition, you can utilize our cable lock system.

  1. How will your safe stand up against extreme temperatures?

The pushbutton lock used in our safes is mechanical “Fail-Safe”. It does not use batteries that are affected by extreme temperatures, as electronic locks that rely on batteries have problems with extreme heat and cold. Battery life needs to be closely monitored when exposed to high and low temperatures; many such devices open just by vibration or static discharge.

  1. Do you make a safe for shotguns and rifles?

Not at the present time, although it will be included in our future product lines.

  1. Do you have a safe that will fit under the front seat of my car?

Yes, Model # AS-2020-02  in-vehicle installation fits under the seats or either side of the center console of many cars and trucks. You can use one of the two universal mounts for this type of installation. In most cases, it is not necessary to remove the seat in order to mount the safe. “See question No. 4, above” You can also utilize the cable for this type of installation.

  1. Can I mount my safe upside down?
Yes. Our safe is designed to operate upside down, on its side, and standing on end. Our safe’s versatility in mounting is a very strong feature and gives you plenty of mounting options. 


  1. Titan Gun Safe Compact Vault  Specifications: Weight: 7 pounds
    Dimensions (w/out Ammo Box): L 10” x W 8” x H 2¾” 
    Dimensions (with Ammo Box): L 10” x W 10” x H 2¾”
    *The Ammo box can also be mounted on the front and side panels of the safe.

The Titan Compact Vault can accommodate Guns not to exceed 8" long x 6 1/4" high x 1 3/4" wide. Without light/laser attachments. 

  1. Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault  Specifications: Weight: 11 pounds

         Dimensions (w/out Ammo Box): L 12” x W 8” x H 2¾"
         Dimensions (with Ammo Box): L 12” x W 10” x H 2¾"

         *The Ammo box can also be mounted on the front and side panels of the              safe.

The Titan Compact Vault can accommodate Guns not to exceed 10" long x 6 1/4" high x 1 3/4" wide. With light/laser attachments.