<p><strong>Lifetime Warranty</strong> </p>

Lifetime Warranty

<p><strong>Free Shipping on all Orders</strong></p>

Free Shipping on all Orders

<p><strong>TSA & California DOJ Approved</strong></p>

TSA & California DOJ Approved

<p><strong>Rugged, Portable, Secure</strong></p>

Rugged, Portable, Secure

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    No Batteries, No Biometrics, No Nonsense! No Fancy Packaging. Just Hardcore Metal Clever Design

    We’ve pioneered quick draw handgun safe with three US patents long before our competitors.

    Titan Pistol Vaults are built to last you a lifetime. We took a keen interest in designing popup handgun safes and accessories to keep you, your loved ones, and your guns safe from security threats and hazards. All Mechanical, Portable and Secure.

    Our portable gun safe is not a shoebox with a lock on it. Approved by the California Department of Justice, our Titan Safe Box, Titan Compact Vault, Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault, and other products ensure that you get a quick-access handgun safe that’s rugged and completely safe to store your firearms. These car gun vaults are built from premium hardened steel and patented metal brackets to withstand any threat, forced entry, freezing, heat and moisture.

    Want a small sliding handgun safe that optimizes auto-delivery and limits unwanted accidents? Our Titan Compact Vault is just what you need!

    Customers Testimonial

    I was really impressed with the craftsmanship of this handgun vault. I received my vault in just a few days after I placed my order. Everything you need is included in order to mount it anywhere, under the bed, on a wall, on a desk, in a car, etc. I also bought the ammo vault, it is a perfect combo for the gun vault. I am extremely satisfied.

    - Patrick Silva

    Wanted extra protection for car & home. Was glad to have purchased JOLT MEGA 22" Rechargeable LED Stun Gun Baton. Does everything advertised.

    - Timothy Meza

    I have two safes. Both are extremely durable, I have used them for 8 & 10 years without any issues. They open quick and the holster hands me my firearm read for the proper grip. I highly recommend them. With the mechanical lock I never have to worry about batteries. I would definitely buy again if the need arises.

    - Hal Finelt

    Just bought my second one. Simple and secure. Been using this product for years. This particular type of quick access locking mechanism is what I recommend to any client who asks.

    - Schöen Parnell

    My Titan Gun Vault has provided me the peace of mind I needed to keep my pistol secure but still give me quick access to it. Wonderful product with great workmanship. Couldn’t be happier.

    - George Gardner

    Handgun Safes: A Straightforward Security System

    Handgun Safes: A Straightforward Security System

    "Rapid defence titan vaults available in 2 sizes"

    Fear you’d be in a situation where you lose your keys to the gun safe, or the security batteries die out? Our portable gun safes have mechanical push-button locks, so gun owners can rest assured that their firearms will come in handy when needed!

    Our sliding gun safes follow a no lock and no battery philosophy to ensure you can quickly retrieve your weapon. With a mechanical push button lock, gun owners can optimize their self-defence and tackle any dangerous situation swiftly and effectively.

    Moreover, our innovative security system is built to withstand extreme temperatures such as heat, cold, moisture, and even EMP signals. Our Titan Gun Safe Vaults are designed by security experts and ensure that you have your firearms at the ready whenever they’re needed.

    Retrieve your Firearms Safely and Conveniently!

    Retrieve your Firearms Safely and Conveniently!

    While other gun safes might offer minimal safety, they fall short of providing a rugged and technologically advanced holster system. Our Titan Vaults are built to navigate these problems and feature an Elevator holster rack system that’s built to maximize convenience and efficiency.

    The Elevator holster rack system is a common feature in our Titan Pistol Vault and Titan Compact Vault. This system ensures that gun owners don’t need to fish around for their firearms and guns in the metal case. Instead, as soon as you unlock the auto-deliver gun safe, the elevator holster rack will deliver the gun right into your hand. This simple yet innovative feature minimizes the risk of any unfortunate instances, saves you the hassle of looking for your weapon, and ensures that you and your firearms are at the ready when the need arises.

    With patented steel mount brackets atop the gun safe, you can carry our portable Titan Vaults to your home, car, boats, or office!