Best Gun Safe Reviews 2017 – Do NOT buy before reading this!

Best Gun Safe Reviews 2017 – Do NOT buy before reading this!

The Best Handgun Safe Pistol Vault - 2017

This guide is primarily designed to assist you in selecting the best handgun safe in the market with important features you should be looking out for in your next handgun safe purchase. 

Why Do I Need A Handgun Safe If I Own Firearms?

Without a gun safe simply put, anyone can have access to your firearm if it is left in the open or hidden somewhere. This is a major cause for concern for which laws will hold you personally responsible if someone is hurt, injured, or killed with your firearm. For example, if a child finds your firearm hidden in your drawers and shoots possibly killing themselves. Another major reason to own a gun safe is to prevent the theft of your firearm or unauthorized access. For example, if a burglar steals your firearm and it was later found in a gang-related shooting guess what? The police are coming for you! In any scenario, it is worth the one-time investment for a piece of mind in a handgun safe. 

Things To Consider When Buying A Handgun Safe

The locking mechanism of a handgun safe is very important and we will go over each type in detail:

Biometric Locks: Fingerprint recognition is a fancy feature which is commonly used on iPhones and tablets. Most of us know that it is not a reliable reading fingerprints when your skin is oily or sweaty which can be very common if someone has broken into your home in the middle of the night. Also, it relies on batteries to be maintained or replaced. So there is a good chance it's not going to work from the start when you need it to. Let's face the facts how often are you recharging your phone/tablet? Alright, Let's abandon this thought.     

Electronic Locks: These type of safes also use batteries to power the electronics granting you access. So we've already discovered the same flaw the biometric locks also have which is battery maintenance. However; it only gets worse examining these types of locks as they use solenoid actuated deadbolts. What's the problem you say? There are many videos on the internet where anyone can pick up the safe and drop it on its side to where g-force will take over instead of the electrical current actuate the deadbolt into the open position and the safe lid flys open. 

Mechanical Locks: Mechanical has always been tested tried and true. Mechanical locks have withstood the test of time, look at Big Ben in London and Rolex watches nothing beats good old fashion metal gears turning. The advantages are there are no batteries to maintain, it is not temperature sensitive as we all know temperature fluctuations kills batteries, It makes zero noise operating no electronic beeps to let intruders know where you are. When your life depends on it I wouldn't want the above two choices as failure is too often. 

The Handgun Safe You Need To Consider Buying

The Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault is the only choice when seconds count! There is no second best in a gun fight any cowboy can tell you that. Here are a list of features that sets it apart from the rest:

Portability: The Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault comes with two mounting brackets for multiple location installations. You can have one mounted under the bed at home and the other at your place of business, car, boat, or RV. Also, an optional cable lock is an accessory. 

Sturdy Lock Type: The Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault uses an all mechanical Simplex combination lock with over 2,200 possibilities for a combination using five buttons!

Built In Holster Elevator System: The Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault uses a Patented built-in holster that no only protects your heavy investment in firearm choice, but also presents it into your hand as you open the lid of the safe. Capable of fitting any semi-automatic 10in and shorter or any revolver with a 4in barrel or shorter. 

Superb Quality: The saying goes you get what you pay for and that certainly the case. The Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault is made of 14ga steel, vs. 16ga what competitors use which is thinner. Also, it is made of Heat Treated Steel hardened steel, equivalent to 1/4in steel in strength which is DOJ Tested and Approved vs. cold rolled steel which is softer and easily cut into. 

Wrapping up the Best Handgun Safe Pistol Vault 

Do not rely on cheaply made imports when your life is on-the-line! They offer cool gimmicky features that are useless and inferior. You want the "Rolex" of Handgun Safes working for you longer than your lifetime, always reliable and that is the Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault. 

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