How to Choose the Combination for a Gun Safe Lock?

How to Choose the Combination for a Gun Safe Lock?

A must-have for gun owners in California, gun safes come in several sizes and are critical for your home safety. A firearm in the hands of your loved one or a potential intruder is certainly the last thing you want to happen. These safes are designed to be exceptionally sturdy and robust, and hence, premium quality gun safes typically feature a complex locking mechanism to help you keep those you want out, at bay!

Titan Vault’s Sequential Locking Mechanism

With the sequential locking mechanism of Titan Vaults, you won’t have to worry about memorizing numbers or losing the keys. They offer more than 2000 possible combinations that can also be changed multiple times, as long as you remember your current code. 

How to Change the Combination?

 Titan vault combination lock

  • Before you start, keep the door open and keep one hand under the lid.
  • Without touching the knob shown in the above figure, enter your current combination.
  • Open the lid and press the reset lever. You’ll find the reset lever inside the safe; at the back of the locking mechanism.
  • Now, you need to erase the preset code. For this purpose, turn the knob 45° counter-clockwise (towards the left) and then release it.
  • Enter the new combination and note it down.
  • Turn to knob 90° as shown in the figure above.
  • The new combination is set now! Always test the new code to make sure that it's functional before closing the safe.

Some Important Tips

  • Although your combination can comprise only one button, it’s unsafe and risky. Make sure your combination is a sequence of two or more buttons.
  • Your combination can be in a sequence of all the five buttons on the gun vault, pushed individually or simultaneously.
  • You can only use a button once.
  • If you have children at home, we recommend you to use multiple buttons simultaneously because most children tend to push buttons individually.
  • Never lock the gun safe you’re completely sure that the new code works properly.
  • Practice your new code to develop muscle memory.

Premium Quality Gun Safes and Accessories

 A Titan car gun safe

At Titan Vault, we provide best-in-class DOJ-approved gun safes that are not only durable but also come with a lifetime warranty. Our gun safes will help you protect your family while getting quick and easy access in a tight situation.

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