Unintentional Firearm Injury | Who’s at Risk | What You Can Do

Unintentional Firearm Injury | Who’s at Risk | What You Can Do

The number of unintentional deaths is more in the US than in any other country.  According to a study, for every unintentional firearm death, almost 83 unintentional nonfatal injuries are caused by firearms in the US.

Common Reasons for Firearm Injuries

Let’s look at the most common reasons why children and young adults sustain firearm injuries;

  • Lack of knowledge about how a gun works. Often children don’t know a gun is loaded and press the trigger, unaware of the consequences.
  • Getting access to and using the firearm when they’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Accidentally firing a firearm when cleaning it.
  • Children often don’t know how dangerous firearms are, and use them as a toy as a result of which they end up hurting themselves.
  • Lack of proper training on firearm usage and storage

Risks for Children

While every parent wants to protect their children from firearm deaths, they often underestimate their child’s knowledge about the presence of guns in their home. In a study, it was found that two in every five parents are falsely believed that their children didn’t know about the presence of guns in their homes.

Risks for Adults

Just like teens and children, adults can also shoot themselves accidentally. Several unintentional fatal firearm injuries take place among adults aged 40 years or older, while loading or cleaning a gun or while hunting. The usage of firearms while using alcohol and drugs also increases the risk of intentional firearm injuries and deaths.

What You Can Do

Here’s what you can do to prevent unintentional firearm injuries.

  • Try to store your gun unloaded or make sure that they’re locked up in a premium gun safe.
  • Separately keep ammunition and not with the firearm.
  • Educate your children about the importance of firearm safety, dangers, and risks.


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