Why Californians Continue to Favor Stricter Gun Laws | A Review

Why Californians Continue to Favor Stricter Gun Laws | A Review

Nearly 100 people in the US are killed by guns every day. But what is to blame for the increasing gun violence in the country? Can we blame the rising mental health issues among people? Video games? Racism? Or the unsafe storage of guns?

What Studies Tell Us?

While other issues are also inevitable, one of the biggest reasons is undoubtedly the unsafe storage of guns. According to the 2018 Small Arms Survey, the US has about 393 million guns, accounting for nearly 46% of all civilian-owned firearms worldwide. This can also be considered a reason for the high rate of mass shootings in the US.

Another study published in 2017 in The Social Science Quarterly indicates that most people identify the general availability of firearms as the main culprit. However, this opinion is only limited to the people who don't own firearms or guns. Gun owners blame several other factors, including but not limited to parenting and popular culture.

Stricter Gun Laws in California

According to a study conducted in September 2019, two out of three adults in California are somewhat (28%) or very (38%) feel concerned about the threat of a mass shooting in their area.

Remember the recent incident when nine coworkers were fatally shot in San Jose? That was not the first mass shooting incident that terrified Californians.

Considering the increasing rate of gun violence in the US, President Biden and Governor Newsom called for tighter gun laws, but do Californians prefer strengthening gun laws? According to a survey by PPIC, 63% of people believe gun laws in California should be stricter, 19% think they should remain the same as before, while 16% prefer less-strict gun laws.

What's your opinion on the matter?

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Disclaimer: The information provided in the content above is only meant for educational purposes. We don't support any kind of gun violence or any other gun-related crime.

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