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Titan A-Box

Titan A-Box

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Titan A-Box - Titan Gun Safe Accessory 

The Titan A-Box can be attached to the Titan Pistol Vault and Titan Compact Vault. Easily store a magazine or speed loader in a separate locked container from the handgun. This will ensure compliance with laws that require unloaded weapons and ammo to be locked in separate containers. In such states where this law does not apply, simply use the A-Box for backup storage. Our customers can still go from locked and unloaded to armed and ready in mere seconds with this addition. 

It will accommodate two single or one double stack Magazines up to 5 ½ "long.  It will also accommodate two Speed-Loaders not to exceed 1 ½ " in diameter.

Titan A-Box Specifications:
Weight: 1. pound
Dimensions: L 7-3/8” x W 2-1/4” x H 1-5/8”

Included Components:
Titan A-Box
All Necessary Hardware
AS-2035 Owner’s Manual

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