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Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault Bundle

Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault Bundle

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Titan Pistol Vault Bundle


The Titan Pistol Vault is designed for one purpose: self-defense. With the ability to be your under-bed gun safe, car gun safe, and office gun safe; it is the best portable gun safe around, backed with a lifetime warranty. Designed and built by Americans, for Americans.

The Titan Pistol Vault is a portable safe with a mechanical combination lock, No batteries-- begging the question, why is it nearly double the price of other pistol safes? The Titan Vault is made of premium materials with lots of extras, not a cheap import. There are no keys, no batteries, or electronics to fail, and no amount of heat, cold, moisture, or EMP will affect its function. For those willing to pay, the Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault offers features others don’t offer.

The Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault is more than a conventional gun box; it is a complete system in one package. It solves the most difficult problems of secure transportation and the deployment of a firearm. When seconds count, the Titan Vault offers an unmatched speed of access and versatility in use. The Elevator Holster rack system saves you from having to fish around in the tight confines of a metal box to find your firearm. Our patented quick-access auto-delivery holster is specifically designed to deliver the gun directly into your hand as the lid opens. It avoids accidental discharge of a firearm, an issue other safes do not resolve.

The Titan Vault comes with two mounting brackets, which can be mounted in your vehicle or inside your home/business, allowing you to conveniently transport and lock the safe in either location.

This Bundle includes the Titan Pistol Vault, Titan A-Box, and Titan Cable Lock accessories at a discounted price!


  • The world's fastest gun deploying safe with a Lifetime warranty.
  • Portable – completely secure and quick mounting system.
  • Easy to operate Mechanical combination lock. No batteries are required.
  • Mechanical push-button lock, with over 2000 configurations.
  • Elevator Holster rack system – Presents firearm in your hand as the lid opens.
  • Universal Holster accommodates semi-automatic or revolvers including guns with tack-Light.
  • 14-Gauge Hardened Steel, HRC-55 equivalent to ¼in thick steel in strength.
  • Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines.
  • California DOJ Approved.


Included Components:

  • Titan Pistol Vault Gun Safe
  • Tactical Holster (fits a light attachment)
  • Two different Patented Universal Mounting Plates: Universal Mount & Universal Bed Mount
  • Lock Guard (New upgrade)
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Titan A-Box
  • Titan Cable Lock
  • Owner’s Manual /Lifetime Warranty Documents.


Titan Pistol Vault Product Specifications:

Weight: 10 pounds
Dimensions: (without A-Box): 12” L x 8” W x 2¾” H
Dimensions: (with A-Box): 12” L x 10-1/2” W x 2¾” H

*The A-box can also be mounted on the front panel and the side panel of the safe.

The TITAN Gun Safe Pistol-Vault is designed to accommodate revolvers, pistols, and derringers with dimensions that do not exceed 10” long x 6-1/2” high x 2” wide.

It can accommodate guns with lights or laser attachments that do not exceed 1-3/4” in diameter.

"Please message us with your order; at no charge, we can customize the holster for a red dot with a height not exceeding 1 inch above the slide."

It requires a 3.5” head clearance when installed under any objects like your car seat and a swing clearance of 8” for the lid is required to properly eject the pistol.


Included Accessories:

The Titan A-Box can be attached to the Titan Pistol Vault and Titan Compact Vault. Easily store a magazine or speed loader in a separate locked container from the handgun. This will ensure compliance with laws that require unloaded weapons and ammo to be locked in separate containers. In such states where this law does not apply, simply use the A-Box for extra Mag storage. Our customers can still go from locked and unloaded to armed and ready in mere seconds with this addition. 

It will accommodate two single or one double stack Magazines up to 5 ½ "long.  It will also accommodate two Speed-Loaders not to exceed 1 ½ " in diameter.

The Titan Cable Lock can be attached to your Titan Vault when you are on vacation or out of towns, such as in a hotel room or rental vehicle in which you cannot mount your safe. This is a great option and allows for even more portability of your safe. The steel cable is 24 inches in length and 5/16 inches in diameter.





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