Titan Universal Bed Mount - Titan Pistol Vault By Titan Security Products Inc

Titan Universal Bed Mount

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This mounting plate will allow installation of the TITAN Gun Safe to a wood or metal railing of a bed. You can also utilize it for in-vehicle installation safe standing up or on its side installation.
The Universal Bed Mount can be installed in sixteen different directions; chose one, then: Insert the lock arm in the slot and rotate 90°; this will mount your Safe to the universal mounting brackets. It cannot be removed while the lid is closed and locked. Always check and ensure proper installation. Use the Bed Mount clamp like shown facing the mattress; we recommend also drill Ø 3/16" pilot holes and use #10-24 x 1/2” Sheet Metal Self Tapping Screws ( lubricate and dot use power screwdrivers) Mount to the frame cut the excess before placing your bed. Moreover, you can even use steel rivets to secure the Bed Mount. You can also utilize this bracket for in vehicle installation see pictures below.
  • For wall installation, always use a stud locator and secure mounting brackets over the stud at the intersection to maximize holding force; you should connect to stud with at least four mounting holes. Use screw anchors if necessary and all available mounting holes.
  • For floor installation, we have provided Carriage-Bolts as well as Log-Screws. We have also provided sheet metal screws for where is applicable.
  • Always ensure the universal mounts are secured to a permanent object to prevent theft.

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